TCV has chosen to partner with Kip Tani and Varsity Athlete. We have chosen to pursue this partnership for several reasons, but the most important reason is the process of College Recruiting is not a simple one and Kip has great experience in helping players reach the next level.

Kip's roles within in the club will be
  • To provide guidance and answer general questions about the college recruiting process
  • Work in conjunction with Team Colorado to create Summer Camps that will be conducted by various college coaches.  We are working on an indoor and beach camp for this summer.  
  • Help improve athlete retention within Team Colorado
  • Be a General Expert on the recruiting process
While Kip will be available to answer general questions about the recruiting process his core business is to work as recruiting coordinator on behalf of an athlete. As a result of our partnership with Kip TCV families will receive a discounted rate for the his services that go beyond what is detailed above. Below is a brief description of what he does and why.


Varsity Athlete, Inc came about because of a need.   The philosophy is best summed up by a Chinese Proverb:

Tell me and I will Forget
Show me and I may Remember

Walk with me and I will Understand

There are many great companies out there, but Varsity Athlete focuses on a low number of high quality student-athletes and works closely with them to help determine the best college for their future. Rather than simply being a website or spamming coaches with emails, a comprehensive, approach starting with an interview with the family up to college visits, helps Varsity Athlete maintain a very high retention rate at the next level.


Using a 5 point focus on trying to help each student athlete find the right place for the next four years of their lives and hopefully to create the best possible experience for them.

Academic - The primary focus, whether you child chooses to play a sport or not.  
Athletics - Finding the best place for them so they may fulfill their athletic dreams and goals.

Financial - It has to be affordable and work for your budget.

Geography - Are they willing to travel?  Do they like heat/cold?  Mountains/ocean?

Social - They must bond with their potential teammates, coach and culture of the school and community.

College recruiting is very simple and also very complex.  It is as simple as you wish it to be, but finding the right school our of thousands available throughout the country can be daunting.   The Varsity Athlete process adds a measure of structure, order and guidance to the process so you are not doing this alone.