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I am excited to introduce you to our new blog & website. This is where we plan to share our thoughts on the next big ideas that will shape & disrupt our industry & the world of Volleyball. We also plan to give you updates on Team Colorado Volleyball activities, including the latest news on our teams, games and tournaments, summer program events & coaching. Or, we may just share whatever is on our mind?

Picking a Club FACTS and RANKINGS
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It is hard picking a Volleyball club. Where do you go get information? How do you compare one club to another? It isn't easy and there certainly isn't a single website to lookup. Most information is passed along by word of mouth and it may or may not be accurate. So we have decided to consolidate two types of data for informational purposes. We have pulled the RMR rankings for the top team from each club that serves the Colorado Springs area, and we also have put together a chart of what you get for your money with each club in the area. Club directors if there is anything that is inaccurate in the below chart let me know and once it is verified I will change it.

There are many ways to measure success, but right or wrong parents generally equate success with how a team finishes. The below charts shows how each club finished the season within the region for the 12 to 17 age groups with their top teams. We did no include the 18s for two reasons: the 18s are done and off to college, we had two clubs play in the mixed divisions for 18s and the rankings can get debatable. We also supplied three averages: All Ages (12-17), 13-17, and 14-17. This can help show how teams mature and develop. For the even ages these rankings are through Power 5, the region has not updated rankings to reflect Power 6.

Top Team Age TCV Altitude Hot Shotz Coalition Summit GO!
12 15 5 8 N/A N/A 29
13 24 30 13 22 N/A N/A
14 28 26 21 54 38 57
15 2 8 37 16 33 49
16 10 11 31 9 5 N/A
17 6 3 18 14 23 N/A
Avg 12-17 14.17 13.83 21.33 23.00 24.75 45.00
Avg 13-17 14.00 15.60 24.00 23.00 24.75 53.00
Avg 14-17 11.50 12.00 26.75 24.75 24.75 53.00

It is important to know and understand what you are getting when you sign-up for club Volleyball. It is a 6 to 8 month commitment that you...

Posted by Lance P. on 05/16/2019

Category: News & Updates
The RMR region of USA Volleyball is constantly evolving and changing. The good thing is this year I feel that they moved things more in the favor of the parents and athletes. It makes it a bit tougher on clubs and their staff, but oh well we will all survive. However, as things get tougher for clubs the likelihood that they will break, bend, or try and go around the rules increases. I always make the statement that adults ruin everything, and the recruiting / marketing process for club volleyball is no different. As a parent I would not want to associate my young athlete with a club or their leadership that is willing to break the rules because they want to win,or get the best kid. 

  • As of May 6th Clubs can make verbal offers to athletes within their organization.
  • Clubs can hold Open Gyms or Clinics but until July 7th they are not allowed to hold a tryout
  • During this time clubs can answer questions have discussions  and communicate with athletes and parents at Open Gyms or Clinics but no offers of any kind can be made to athletes outside of their current club, even verbal.
  • As of July 7th clubs can make verbal offers to any athlete they choose. 
  • Verbal offers are not binding. They can ask for a verbal commitment to get an idea of who would like to be part of a team but until a contract is signed there is no real agreement.
  • As of 7/19/19 at 10:00 AM clubs can accept binding contracts. Once the contract is signed and counter-signed it is immediately binding.

Posted by Lance P. on 04/26/2019

Category: News & Updates

TCV Co-Director

As the director of Team Colorado this time of year, tryout season, is the toughest time of year for me personally. I love this sport and I love the people and the kids involved with it. A large percentage of directors and coaches choose to be disengaged from the families because it is easier to make tough decisions when you are not personally connected with the athlete or the family. For me doing this job would not be worth it if it were not for relationships that I have built over the years. However, with those relationships come certain perils. Most notably, when an athlete does not get selected for the team they desire or think they deserve to be a part of. Make no mistake I value the relationships that have been built over the years, but my first responsibility to Team Colorado is to put the best teams we can on the floor. Just as I am still friends with athletes and families that have chosen to leave TCV I hope that friendships don’t suffer when an athlete is not placed on the team they desire. Along these lines I want to discuss two topics: Dreams vs Effort and the TCV family.


As a father I have had several discussions with my kids about dreams vs effort. I personally want to be 195 lbs. and in good shape, but I don’t eat the proper diet and I don’t have a regular workout routine.  As a result I am 20 lbs heavier than I want to be and want to pass out if I play a few matches of the game I love. In our house one repeated discussion is the fact that your dreams are not matching your effort. When that is the case one of two things need to happen. You either need to change your dream or you need to change your effort. I repeatedly tell my kids that you can change your dreams at any time. They are not my dreams and I don’t want to make my hopes and dreams for my children their hopes and dreams they need to own those for themselves.

I have talked to several athletes and parents over the summer and several of the conversations start like this, “Sally really wants to make the national team”. If that is indeed the dream then the question becomes did Sally put in the effort to make that happen? If not then the dream is only that a dream. If Sally put in some effort, but it was the same effort that someone else put in then she did not get any better in relation to that other player. You have to out effort your competition to have a chance. Natural ability plays a role in everything, but if you want to reach your full potential then you must apply your full effort. Now to be clear there is absolutely nothing wrong with just wanting to play this game because you love the game. I want athletes like this because at the end of the day the goal at TCV is to not only build a better volleyball player but most importantly a better person, and teaching these young women to align their effort with their goals is one of many ways we can build a better person.



                Since Kyong and I have taken over the director duties of TCV we have spoken and wrote about the TCV Family. We truly want this to be like an extended family. Over the next year you will spend more time with the people in this club and specifically the other families on your team than you will with an...

Posted by Lance P. on 07/03/2018

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