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Advice From a Former Director, Coach and Parent
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  • Have fun! After all this should be fun.
  • I will throw stones and I will call people out, why? I don't live in a glass house I hold myself and this club to the same standard as I would hold anyone else, and when we fail to meet those standards we hold ourselves accountable.
  • If there is a general email sent out or a general statement made calling out an action or deed and you're offended, you are either guilty of the action or insecure. Please correct either of those.
  • Savor these moments. Once it is gone it is gone. Before you know it you will be the grandparent. Perspective!
  • When attending a multi-day tournament. Go see something you would never see or eat something you would never eat. Memories will happen on the court but you will have those on video. The courts in the Philadelphia convention center look just like the courts in the Kansas City convention center, but the BBQ at Q39 is insane and everyone should see where they signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • Parents only go out for a drink with other parents if you are in a good mood. Kids remember this for later in life. Alcohol makes you more of what you were when you started to drink. If you were happy you will be more happy. If you were grumpy you will be more grumpy. Nobody needs more grumpy in their life.
  • All parents have rose colored glasses when it comes to their children. Although, some parents have a way darker tint.
  • Every parent wants the 5 best players on the floor plus their athlete.
  • For most ages, but definitely for 14s and below, parents care more about winning or losing than the athletes do. Ask your athlete how they feel before you project your positive or negative emotions to them.
  • Want to entertain yourself, go watch a volleyball match at crossroads from two courts away. Watch the parents not the game. Yes you do look that crazy.
  • As a parent if you regularly come to practice use that time for one of two things. If you are an actual coach of the team then coach. If not make friends with the other parents and socialize. Everyone needs more friends. You watching your athlete practice results in one of four things: more anxiety for your athlete, more anxiety for you, more anxiety for both of yo...

Posted by Lance P. on 10/10/2019

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