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This is where we plan to give you updates on Team Colorado Volleyball activities, including the latest news on our teams, games and tournaments, summer program events & coaching. Or, we may just share whatever is on our mind?

TCV Prep Mini-Session for May
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 TCV has launched a TCV Prep Mini-Session for May.  We are looking to bridge the gap between the end of the current sessions and the launch of TCV Beach. Click on the link below for more information and sign-up links.

Posted by Lance P. on 02/26/2016

Crossroads links and Information
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Below are useful links for this weekend.  Have a good time this and next weekend.




Posted by Lance P. on 02/26/2016

Power 3 Even Results
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Power 3 was an up and down day for most of the Even TCV teams.  While there was progress on the court for most teams, that progress did not directly translate to wins. Keep fighting and improving. Play Big! Play Hard! GO!!

16N - 6th Division 4
14N - 4th Division 5
141 - 6th Division 5
142 - 7th Division 5
121 - 7th Division 3
Posted by Lance P. on 02/26/2016

Power 3 Even Sites 2/21
Category: News & Updates
16N - Norco
14N - CVA Facility
141 - CVA Facility
142 - Eaton H.S.
121 - Regis Univeristy (Ranger Dome)

Click on the below link for more information and directions for each site.

Posted by Lance P. on 02/09/2016

Recruiting Email Workshop
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In preparation for Crossroads, Kip Tani of Varsity Athlete will be hosting short 10 minute sessions on Emailing Coaches. The sessions will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday during part of the Skills sessions. So, early practice teams (121, 131, 132, 14N, 141, 142) will attend the session immediately FOLLOWING practice (7:45-7:55pm), and late practice teams (15N, 151, 16N, 17N, 171) will attend the session immediately PRIOR to practice (7:35-7:45pm). They will be held in the small gym where Skills sessions are held. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Skills sessions will still be held but be abbreviated (6:45-7:35 and 7:55-8:45).


Attendance is REQUIRED from all National level teams and strongly encouraged for all players 14 and older. Everyone in the club is welcome.
Posted by Lance P. on 02/08/2016

Power 2 Odd Results
Category: News & Updates
Overall it was a good weekend for TCV. All of the teams are progressively getting better, and for a lot of teams that progression is resulting in improved results, and for for a few teams they are just knocking on the door.  As a club we want to emphasize the importance of improvement from week to week and match to match.

We will be regularly posting results here going forward.

131 - 2nd in Division 2 and moving up to Division 1.  First TCV team this year to make D1.
132 - 3rd in Division 7
15N - 3rd in Division 3
151 - 3rd in Division 7
17N - 1st in Division 3 and moving back up to Division 2.
171 - 6th in Division 5/6. Played a lot of very tight and close matches.

Good job ladies.
Posted by Lance P. on 02/08/2016

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