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Big Weekend for TCV
Category: News & Updates
 Several of our TCV teams had a great weekend and I am very proud of the progress that has been made.

18 National - Our 18 National team finished 21st in the USA division at the USAV National championships. They are the highest finishing 18s team from Colorado at the championships. There was a team or two from other clubs that finished slightly higher in number but they were in much lower division. Great job ladies and it was a great way to finish your club careers.

15 National - Earned 1st place in Division 2 and earned their first pin of the season. They also earned the right to go to Florida to participate in the AAU National championships.

151 - Earned 1st place in Division 3 earning their second pin of the season and first pin from Division 3. Great work.

152 - Earned 5th overall in Division 4, and according to their coaches played their best volleyball of the season.

131 - Earned 2nd overall in Division 3 and played well.

13 Local - Earned their second pin of the season by sweeping every match at their final power of the season.

The goal of the club is to have teams playing their best by the end of the year and overall of this group that seems to be the case.
Posted by Lance P. on 04/25/2017

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