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2016/2017 Changes
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Coaching Personnel

Mitch Plummer - Head of Coaching Education and Consistency - Ok, I know that is a mouthful, but I couldn't come up with a better way to describe what I want from the position and how it is going to work. First, we needed someone that would be willing to insure that our coaches are doing things the "TCV Way" across the board. I believe we all have the right mindset as coaches and in that respect we do things the "TCV Way". However, I felt that we had too big of a variance in how things were coached from one team to the next. The goal is consistent excellence and it will be Mitch's responsibility to insure we are all on the same page and teaching the same things. Mitch will be part of the TCV Coaching Board that will develop the TCV coaching policies and training.

Kassidi Gilgenast - Head of Coaching Communication - Kassidi will be responsible for coordinating tasks for the coaches and verifying that the required tasks, and meetings are being met or attended. She will also be responsible for the training the coaches on the statistics program we use and the collection and publication of that information to the club, teams and athletes. She will also oversee the athlete review process and insure that it occurs on schedule. Kassidi will be part of the TCV Coaching Board that will develop the TCV coaching policies and training.

Skills - While working the College ID camp I was able to talk to several college coaches to determine the best way to improve our skills program. While it is still a work in progress I do have a high-level view of what we are going to do. We are going to a develop a program that will have 3 levels for each of the basic skill groups, setting, hitting, and passing and defense. Each athlete will be evaluated to determine which skill level they belong in for each skill. Each week we will have a one hour skill session for each skill and level, For example, Setters Level 1, will be on Friday from 6pm to 7pm. We will only have 10 spots for each skill and level combo and they will be on a first sign-up first serve basis each week. There will be criteria for each Skill and Level that needs to be met before and athlete can graduate to the next Level for that given skill. This will allow us to tailor the training of each skill to the level of athletes during that scheduled time. As always we don't charge extra for skills. You have paid for them as part of your dues so if you choose not to attend it is only your money that you are wasting so please take advantage of these sessions. Finally, to prevent people from signing up and not showing up you will be allowed one no-show and after that there will be a fine schedule published and put into place, because if you no-show you are preventing another athlete from being able to take advantage of these sessions.

Practices - At the beginning of every practice we will have what we call the "Training Block". During the Training Block one of two things can occur. Either the teams will be all doing the same drill or skill development with one of the 6 coaches, 3 Heads and 3 Assistants, acting as the master coach. Or there will be station breakouts where all middles go to one court, all outsides to another, etc.. The reasons behind doing this are:
  • We will have more eyes on each athlete. While doing this the coaches should be going to other courts and not staying with their team.
  • We will know that we are coaching the same thing the same way because you will be forced to.
  • It will allow for identification of and breakdown of an issue with a specific skill for a specific athlete.
  • You will be able to learn from each other.
  • Each of us has our strengths and that can be applied to other teams and coaches. I am a middle by...

Posted by Lance P. on 06/16/2016

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