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Ashlyn Phair: Summer Fun
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At TCV we like to celebrate the success of our athletes. As the Co-Director of TCV and father of two TCV athletes I generally try to avoid talking about the success of my kids, but I was told that they are TCV athletes and I need to celebrate their success just as I would any other TCV athlete.

Ashlyn Phair has had a very busy summer for both Beach and Indoor. On the Beach side she was 1 of 22 athletes that was invited to be part of the USA Volleyball Junior Beach National Team at and A2 level or higher. Right now she is in Hermosa Beach California training and preparing for the USAV High Performance Championships. On the Indoor side she is 1 of 128 athletes to participate in the USA Volleyball Future Select National Training Program at the end of July which is the highest USA Volleyball High Performance Indoor program her age level. To put it another way she is 1 of only 8 athletes at her age level in the country to be invited to be part of both the USA Volleyball Junior Beach National Team and the USA Volleyball Future Select National Training Program for Indoor.

Needless to say I am a proud father, but also a proud Director. Her success illustrates that the training received at TCV can and will set you up for success. This is why we teach Power and Aggression first. We want all of our athletes to strong and confident young women regardless of their age or size.
Posted by Lance P. on 07/12/2016

TCV Boys
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This will be our first year hosting boys in Colorado Springs. We are very excited to offer this as an option for the growing population of young boys interested in the sport of Volleyball. The Boy's season is much short than the Girl's season, as such the costs are considerable less because of the greatly reduced gym time and required time commitment for coaches.

Our Boy's program is being made possible because of the dedication and arrival of Brendan Ledwith to the Colorado Springs area. Brendan works at USA Volleyball and was involved with the operation of a very successful Boy's Program in the Philadelphia area. Brendan will serve as the Head of Boy's Volleyball for TCV. The program will be ran under the TCV umbrella, and as such all of the TCV philosophies will be applied to our Boys program. We have always wanted to have a Boy's program, but did not have the time or resources to dedicate to the process of developing the program. The addition of Brendan and the passion he brings to the program has allowed us to take this leap and are excited to do it. READ MORE
Posted by Lance P. on 07/03/2016

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