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Club Scrimmage: Jan 24th
Category: News & Updates
The scrimmages will move quickly!

We need 13C, 14C, 14N, 14Boys, 15C1, and 15C2 here early enough to have the nets up by 5:50 with everyone warmed up and started AT 6:00pm. 
15N, 16C, 16N, 17C, 17N, and 18N need to be warmed up off the court and ready to start at 7:30!

Posted by Chrissy E. on 01/20/2020

Power 1 Finishes
Category: News & Updates
 Team Colorado-Girls Finishes after Power 1:

13C finished 22nd out of 68
14C finished 58th out of 109
14N finished 22nd out of 109
15C1 finished 67th out of 104
15C2 finished 89th out of 104
15N finished 17th out of 97 in 16’s Power 1 & 18th out of 104 in 15’s Power 1
16C finished 34th out of 97
16N finished 37th out of 54 in Mixed
17C finished 45th out of 70
17N finished 3rd out of 70
18N finished 4th out of 60 
Posted by Chrissy E. on 01/13/2020

Team Colorado Fan Store
Category: News & Updates
Check out our TCV Fan Store!
Orders due Dec 26th
Delivered Jan 9th 
Posted by Chrissy E. on 12/23/2019

Christmas Break Practice Schedule
Category: News & Updates
January 2nd:
5:30-7:30pm: 13C, 14C, 14N
7:30-9:30pm: 17C, 17N, 18N

January 3rd:
5:30-7:30pm: 15C1, 15N, 16C
7:30-9:30pm: 15C2, 16N 
Posted by Chrissy E. on 12/20/2019

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