Kacee Garcia - OH/RS / DS

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My Story: On the Court

Volleyball has had a huge impact on me. On the court, I perform with purpose. I enjoy having the adrenaline flowing through me. I've learned over the past years that success doesn't come without failures. Playing time comes with execution in practice. I've always had a goal and that's to not get down after a bad pass or hitting into the net. You can never get down, but instead, build others up. Volleyball is a game of thrill and awareness. You need to be one your toes and that's what a player always has to build up to.

My Story: Off the Court

When I'm off the court, I spend most of my time with family, friends, and school work. To me sports are behind family and school. Keeping up on school work is the reason volleyball is so important to me. Though sometimes I get very stresses out, I keep myself calm by being with those I care deeply about. I wouldn't be here without the help of those around me.

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School: Pueblo West High School
Grade: 9
GPA: 4.0
Grad Date: 2023


Position(s): OH/RS
Jersey #: 6
Years Playing: 4
Height: 65in (5ft 5in)
Block Touch: 0in (0ft 0in)
Approach Touch: 111in (9ft 3in)