Claire Johnson - Outside Hitter / Right side Hitter

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My Story: On the Court

Volleyball is a huge part of me and I wouldn't have it any other way. It has been what most of my free time is made up of. I'm a very competitive person however I've learned to stay calm under pressure. While on the court I encourage my teammates and try to help them play the way I know they can. At practice I focus and take my time on skills that need work, and in the game while I don't focus on specific skills as much I still try to pay attention to them. I put everything I have into the game.

My Story: Off the Court

When I'm not playing volleyball I like to spend my time with friends and family. I love new things. Whether its a weird dessert or a nature reserve I haven't ever been to. Family is very important to me. My parents push me to be the very best I can. They are a huge part of my success in volleyball. School takes up the rest of my time. While it isn't my favorite place I still work my hardest. I have some really close friends that I would do anything for. Natalie Jansky is my best friend. I take her to school almost every day and she is the nicest person I know.

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School: Palmer Ridge High School
Grade: 9
GPA: 4.0
Grad Date: 2023


Position(s): Outside Hitter
  Right side Hitter
Jersey #: 3
Years Playing: 5
Height: 70in (5ft 10in)
Block Touch: 0in (0ft 0in)
Approach Touch: 112in (9ft 4in)
Handed: 1