Jayden Austermiller - Setter

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My Story: On the Court

I touched my first volleyball in the sixth grade and haven’t put it down since! I remember practicing out in the street with my parents for hours upon hours before my first tryout with determination to make the team. I laugh now remembering how difficult it was to serve a ball over the net or set to one of my hitters. Those memories and experiences have made me the player that I am today. I work hard, listen to my coaches, and strive to be the best that I can be on and off of the court. I found my niche in becoming a setter for my school and club teams. I love the challenge and leadership opportunities it brings during every game.

My Story: Off the Court

When I am not on the volleyball court, which is not often, I love the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if I am paddle boarding on a lake, camping in the mountains, or relaxing on the beach, being outside makes me happy. I look forward to those moments when I can be with family, friends, or even by myself enjoying the adventures. Another part about me is that I am creative and like to be organized. I love journaling, creating cards, and decorating rooms in our house. I take my schooling very seriously, like volleyball. I work hard to keep a 4.0 and learn new things. I know that working hard in high school and college will help me find the career that I will love for my future.

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School: Falcon High School
Grade: 9
GPA: 4.0
Grad Date: 2023


Position(s): Setter
Jersey #: 5
Years Playing: 3
Height: 67in (5ft 7in)
Block Touch: 98in (8ft 2in)
Approach Touch: 105in (8ft 9in)
Handed: 2