Kyra Kisting - Setter / RS Hitter

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My Story: On the Court

Palmer Ridge High School 2019
- First team All League 4A/5A Pikes Peak
- Second team ALL State
- Ranked #1 in the State of Colorado for Assists with 1223
- Ranked #1 in the State of Colorado for Assists per set with 12.1
- Tied 8th in the Nation for Assists per set with 12.1
- Helped lead my team to a Runner up State finish

Club from 2014 to present
- 2018 National bid in National Division with 33rd finish
- 2019 National bid in Open Division with 23rd finish

My Story: Off the Court

When I'm not on a court paying volleyball, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have three older brothers that have taught me how to build my own computer, how to play golf, and how to swim to name a few. Besides my parents, they are my biggest fans and my biggest support system. My friends and I like to hang out and especially like going to concerts and movies. I like singing and I enjoy performing on stage when the opportunity arises. I'm currently teaching myself how to play the guitar. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, and playing board games.

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School: Colorado Preparatory Academy
Grade: 9
GPA: 4.0
Grad Date: 2023


Position(s): Setter
  RS Hitter
Jersey #: 15
Years Playing: 5
Height: 68in (5ft 8in)
Block Touch: 0in (0ft 0in)
Approach Touch: 110in (9ft 2in)
Handed: right