Sydney Roshek - Lib / Setter

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My Story: On the Court

Volleyball has had a huge impact on who I am today. I have played volleyball for 6 years. When is comes to volleyball I am very competitive. I do my best during games and push myself to become better each day.
- 2018 Colorado Juniors Top 3 Newcomer of the year
- 2019 Colorado Juniors 23rd at Nationals in the Open division
**Led the team in aces
- 2019 4A CSML league leader in digs
- 2019 second in 4A CSML league aces
- 2019 Woodland Park High School record holder for serve receive efficiency
**Led the team in aces and digs

My Story: Off the Court

Off the court I spend most of my time with family or friends. When I'm not with my family or friends I am either focusing on basketball, track, or school. I have one older sister one younger brother and one younger sister. I enjoy spending time with my family camping. During winter I enjoy watching movies and playing games with my family. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. When I'm with my friends we like to spend time focusing on sports and having good laughs.

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School: Woodland Park High School
Grade: 9
GPA: 3.4
Grad Date: 2023


Position(s): Lib
Jersey #: 1
Years Playing: 6
Height: 65in (5ft 5in)
Block Touch: 94in (7ft 10in)
Approach Touch: 101in (8ft 5in)
Handed: Left