Lance Phair
Assistant Coach - 16 National

Coaching Experience
Lance began his coaching career as a Student Assistant for Linda Delk at UNC, and he worked a Summer Camp for David Shoji at the University of Hawaii. Then life happened and he did not play or coach for quite some time. Instead, he got married and started a family. Once his daughters were old enough to play he enrolled them in a program called BHIP and his coaching career took off again.  He has been coaching at one level or another for the past 13 years. Lance was the director of TCV for 6 years and during that time coached everything from 12s to our 17 National team. 

Playing Experience
Lance started playing volleyball his Senior year in High School. He didn’t get any good at the game until he moved in downstairs from the University of Northern Colorado Men’s volleyball team. He proceed to get hammered by some of the best players in the state and country for the next four years. They were all AA or Open players so he had to improve quickly or quit. He didn’t quit. In their best season UNC finished 5th at Nationals.  He also worked his way up to an Open level beach player and still enjoys playing doubles. From there he coached on and off.

Coaching Education
USA Volleyball IMPACT Certified
USA Volleyball Beach IMPACT

Years with Team Colorado
11th Year

Coaching Philosophy
Lance's philosophy is rather simple. He is going to teach you to play the game without fear, and you will learn to play with Power and Aggression first, Accuracy and Control second. It is his job to see more in you than you see in yourself, and then get that out of you. He loves this game and he loves coaching this game because he has seen what it can do to the lives of young women when done correctly.

Personal Background
Lance has a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics and has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 19 years. He has worked in the Credit Card Division of two major banks where he created statistical models, developed strategies, and conduct analytical tests of their Charged Off portfolios. If you know what any of that means, you are at least a little bit of a dork. Currently, he is the Chief Analytics Officer at Invenio Financial, a debt buying firm. This is basically the long way of saying he is very good with numbers and at the core, very analytical. He has a very supportive wife, and two daughters, one that plays at TCV and the other is attending UCCS and on the volleyball team. He enjoys what he does because he is good at it and it allows him the opportunity to help guide Team Colorado.