Financial Aid & Scholarships

TCV is not currently offering financial aid/scholarships.

However, in addition to the opportunities for financial aid listed below, any TCV athlete can offset costs by working as coach for our developmental volleyball program, TCV Prep, or by initiating a fundraiser. There are any number of fundraisers that can be done, from Team nights at a local restaurants, to anything else you can think of. You can even get a person or business to donate or sponsor on behalf of your athlete and 100% of any money raised will be applied directly to your dues. Before you do anything that is highly involved or anything that may involve and outlay of money please speak with one of the directors first. If done right you can raise quite a bit on money quickly,

RMR Shinkara Hardship Fund: (Due early February)

Colorado Volleyball Charities: Contact for an Application (Due early January)